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Separation Systems - Other Separations

Key Points

  • Removal of odor/color from hydrocarbon streams
  • Static Melt Crystallizers ( Pilot Plants with us)
  • Falling Film with internal inserts ( Pilot Plant with us)
  • Piloting LLE’s ( Pilot Plant with us)
  • Hydro cyclones and Cyclone separators.
  • Decanters (Phase Separators) with very low hold- up
Basic Engineering Services
Fractional Crystallization: Fractional crystallization can be very cost effective under certain situations and can be used alone or in combination with distillation.

We have been concentrating on this operation since last two years and have few Laboratory pilot units that can be used for trials. A plant of 12T capacity is supplied for isomer separation after successful trials at pilot level.

We can supply

  • Melt crystallizers: Static or Falling Film with Inserts
  • Suspension Crystallizers with equipments for Melt Separations.
Liquid-Liquid Extraction: LLE can be useful in combination with distillation in some cases like AcOH-Water, Phenol-water, MTBE-Acetone etc.. We have been able to recover impurities ( like phenol) with very low concentrations in water. We have a pilot unit to test the solvents and then reliably scale-up the LLEs.

LLE can also be helpful in reducing color and odor of hydrocarbon feeds to desirable levels. We have experience with Lube oils, kerosene. Pygas streams

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