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Separation Systems - Distillation Accessories

Separation Systems - Distillation Accessories

Column Internals

Column InternalsColumn internals are selected as per system requirements. Column internals may be tray type or packings. We can identify the most appropriate internal and design the column for the given duty.

We supply high quality structured packings with appropriate internals through our associates. The internals are designed to achieve high degree of liquid distribution uniformity comparable with the international standards. Packing & internals are available in wide range of materials.

For several duties trayed columns are the better choice. Synergy can supply various Tray types like bubble cap, sieve, and special designs for liquids containing solids.

Comparison of Column internals

Comparison of Column internals

Skid Mounted Modular Units : for Distillation/Absorption/Evaporation:

Mounted Modular UnitsFor moderate Distillation, Absorption or Evaporation duties it is often Economical to supply the process equipments like column, heat exchangers, tanks, pumps and other system components as a preassembled skid mounted units. This ensures faster project completion, minimum site work and is most often economical for smaller sizes.

Special Duty Heat Exchangers as Distillation Column Accessories or Otherwise:

  • Tubular exchangers with twisted tape inserts for highly viscous fluids.
  • Heat exchangers with corrugated tubes for steam condensing outside tube and turbulent flow inside tube.
  • Recirculating bed heat exchangers for liquids with severe fouling tendencies.
  • Falling film product cooler cum condenser (patent applied for).
  • Internal condensers mounted on column top.
  • Low hold-up phase splitter (patent applied for).

Instrumentation and Control Systems:

We can offer total system integration of Instrumentation and Control for plants engineered by us. Control strategy and schemes will be designed for the specific requirements of the project. Instrumentation package based on International guidelines can be devised and implemented using reliable instruments and control elements. Different types of control systems, from conventional control panel to PLC based system with SCADA/ HMI or Distributed Control System can be engineered and implemented

Trouble shooting / Revamping/ modernization and other Services:

Process Simulations Services
  • Sometimes distillation systems do not function satisfactorily. The problems may be with column or the associated system. This most often results in to lower capacity, higher energy requirements, purity problems or any other operational troubles. Synergy when called for troubleshooting approaches the problem is a systematic way to come out with the most economical solution.
  • Modernization or automation works.

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