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Heat Transfer and Thermal Systems

Heat Transfer and Thermal Systems

Synergy Utilizes EDR, Aspen One Engineering Products Suite products for Heat Exchanger Design and Rating. These are one of the industry’s best programs. For tubular exchangers, design can be provided for wide variety of exchangers. Availability of reliable property data is a big plus when there is wide range condensation or evaporation. Our expertise with heat transfer enhancement enables us to provide solutions for performance issues related to existing heat exchangers be it scaling or lower heat transfer capacity. We have proven cases where we have sorted out problems relating to flow induced vibrations.

We offer timely and reliable services for:

    Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: Thermal Design/Rating, Mechanical Design and Fabrication drawings
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers: Thermal Design and Rating
  • PHE: Thermal Design and Rating
  • Fired Heater: Thermal Design and Rating
  • Plate-Fin Exchanger: Thermal Design and Rating
  • Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger: Design and rating
  • Validation of Designs done by others
  • Vibration analysis of tubular heat exchangers
We are working with several local fabrication companies as their extended arm, to serve as their own design and drawing generation office. We offer full range like thermal, mechanical designs and Fabrication drawing in time.

Any enquiries from EPC/Consulting companies for possible outsourcing in the above areas are welcome!

Heat Exchanger Network Design

Heat Exchanger Network Design When the process involves several Heat Exchangers having process and utility streams there is need to analyze the Network from process and design perspective. We offer services in Heat Integration/Pinch Analysis that will help one to realize lesser exchangers, utility flows or areas. Here also we can validate your FEED/ Designs.

Supply of exchangers through our associate companies:

    Heat Exchanger Consultants In India
  • Wide range of Tubular Exchangers
  • Air Cooled Exchangers
  • With plain or corrugated tubes or with suitable inserts like twisted tapes or turbulators.
  • Distillation column top mounted condensers: vertical/Horizontal
  • Condensers with tube side or shell side condensation
  • Reboilers/Vaporizers like Thermosyphon, Kettle type, Falling Film type, Rising Film Type.
  • Single phase exchangers like Heaters or Coolers.
  • Finned tube Heat Exchangers
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