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Separation Systems - Absorption

Key Points

  • Physical or Reactive absorption.
  • Desorption can be by means of steam or air.
  • Sensitivity studies to locate the optimum solvent rate.
  • Column internals can be tray or packed.
  • Compact/Skid mounted system designs for small capacities.
  • Complete automation using PLC/ DCS.
  • Good experience for contaminants like ammonia, NOx, So2, H2S
  • Heat/ Power Recovery out of exhaust Gases
Absorption Systems Design India
We can Design and/or supply complete absorption systems mounted on skids or otherwise. The equipments involved are wet scrubbers, ventury scrubbers, packed columns, blowers etc. The materials can be Stainless Steels, PP, FRP, HDPE etc.

We have so far supplied systems for the removal of ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and ammines and met the local regulatory norms.

Some gaseous streams involve high percentage of particulate matter for which we offer proprietary non clogging type Multi-Beam scrubber.

The ventilation may involve simple replacement of stagnant air by means of fans or it can be a complex combination of several equipments that can even recover some chemicals.

In case the exhaust gases contain heat we can offer systems that can extract the heat or even produce power using thermodynamic cycle.
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